Joshua Burnside - The Only Thing I Fear Single Review

After the release of his stunning single Whiskey, Whiskey earlier this month, Joshua Burnside is back with The Only Thing I Fear. The Belfast songwriter has been gaining heaps of praise and that was no different for his last single. Joshua is looking to keep that momentum going with this latest release. About the song he says "The idea of this song is a simple one, that as we get older we realise that the really scary things in life are not external to us, but come from within - our darkest thoughts, irrational fears and insecurities, which if go unchecked can often lead to self destructive behaviours."

Watch the video here:

The Only Thing I Fear is nothing short of magnificent. Joshua's vocals are astonishing. The vulnerability in his voice highlights the fear and anguish in the lyrics. The whole track is beautiful from start to finish. Joshua is quickly becoming one of my favourite artists. 

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