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Ken Mooney (The Urges/The Hot Sprockets) Interview

Arguably Ireland's best drummer (and I will argue that down to the ground!) Ken Mooney from The Urges and now The Hot Sprockets recently answered a few questions that I fired his way ahead of The Hot Sprockets Dream Mover Tour (Dates below).

                              When did you first realise that you wanted to be a musician?

From a very young age I was obsessed with early Rock 'n' Roll, Buddy Holly & The Crickets especially and later then The Beatles. I always tried to imitate what they did when I was very young and never really thought about anything else I ever wanted to do other than something musical.

                                                          How did you get started?
I got a guitar for Christmas one year when I was about 9 or so and got some lessons and went from there really.

Who did you listen to when you were growing up?
Well Buddy Holly & The Crickets were constantly playing when I was a kid. I think I may have drove my brothers and my folk…

Roisin El Cherif - Half A Life Single Release

Part Irish, Part Palestinian Galway native Roisin El Cherif releases her new single "Half A Life" complete with a fun, joyous, heart warming music video. The song itself is an indication of the talent that Roisin possess as it's broody to begin but then quickly becomes a very catchy, very enjoyable pop song. Add to this an endearing heartfelt and honest vocal delivery and you are left with an incredible track.

Roisin has this to say about the new single: "Half a life came from feeling very low about loving but not living. Sometimes you can give so much into a place, a person, a job, a feeling or whatever floats your boat; to realise you are only living half of what you could be. Then doubts of who you are and what you want take over. It’s something I’m learning. What you want and what is meant for you, don’t always align".

Here is the brilliant video for "Half A Life":

Roisin El Cherif will be releasing an EP this summer but you can catch her before t…

Popup 3:3:3 Tour Featuring Chase The River, Brash Isaac & Wanderers

Popup presents a very special tour featuring 3 of Northern Ireland's hottest acts performing in 3 cities over 3 nights rotating the headline slot each time. The 3 gigs will see each performer release a brand new single. Belfast was headlined by Chase The River, Derry will be headlined by Brash Isaac and Dublin by Wanderers.

Chase The River released "Infinite Worlds" on Friday
"Infinite Worlds" is a brooding "gothic" Mark Lanegan-esque rock song which perfectly captures the vocal quality and atmospheric musicality of Chase The River. Check out the cool yet creepy video below:

Brash Isaac will release "If"
"If" by Brash Isaac is an impressive and infectious pop rock song. The tempo changes from moment to moment creating an effect which constantly lures you in for more.
Listen here: Brash Isaac - If
Wanderers will release "I'll Hold On"

"I'll Hold On" by Wanderers is the type of song that you can expect to …