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Lowlight Gathering - Only You Single Review

Monaghan 5 piece, Lowlight Gathering today released their brand new single "Only You". Lowlight Gathering are comprised of Charlie Livingstone, Gregory O'Neill, Daniel Mahony, Shay Sweeney and Chris Cole. Since their inception they have toured extensively, released their debut album "Young Hearts", won Best Newcomer award at the 2017 PureM Awards and have supported big acts such as Ryan Sheridan, The Magic Numbers, The Hothouse Flowers and The Riptide Movement.
Lowlight Gathering have teamed up with Ryan Sheridan to record their second EP and "Only You" is the first single from that EP.

Soothing, calming and relaxing are just three of the words you could use to describe this song. You could also say it's an understated piece of brilliance. Charlie's voice is enchanting and sucks you in instantly. You could literally listen to this song on a loop and be left with an overwhelming contentedness for life.

You can catch Lowlight Gathering on the f…

TabloidTV - First Night Last Night EP Review

Ruari Higgins, Senan Dobey, Ultan Murray, Ian Rankin and Moninne Murray, collectively known as TabloidTV have released their latest EP "First Night Last Night".
The first track "Let's Dance" is an incredibly upbeat offering which is incredibly Cure-esque and also features some awesome hand clapping segments. It's infectious and will have you smiling from ear to ear as you find yourself nodding your head uncontrollably.
Recently released single "Something New" is up next and again brings that now imitable sound that the band have perfected. The harmonies between the two vocalists really make this song special.
"Frobisher" (yeah I don't know the meaning either) is heavily influenced by Joy Division and The Cure with a sprinkle of LCD Soundsystem in there for good measure. The bass is incredible throughout the track.
"Youth Apathy" is a rather melancholy number. The lyrics are downbeat and quite sad but they're delivered …

Blackout Season - Black Lipstick Girl Single Review/Launch Details

Blackout Season, formerly Feedb+ck, have announced details of their brand new single launch. The single "Black Lipstick Girl" will be released on June 28th with a launch gig taking place at The Vintage Bar in Lurgan, Co. Armagh. Tickets are just £3 and support will come from Chicago Typewriter.

The track itself is a raw, rip roaring effort which echoes Nirvana's Bleach era. From the opening drum beat you are hooked in. Then you are struck by a breathtaking lead guitar and magnificent bass. Alex as always seems to pour his soul into each and every song that these guys put out. His vocals are emotive, gritty and heartfelt. "Black Lipstick Girl" is 3:40 of confident adroitness.
Alex Close, Peter McCabe and John Morgan have come up trumps again with this single and hopefully is a sign of things to come from these boys.

Collie - The RedEye Collection EP Review

Following on from 2016's "Outside The Box" with Alan Newman, Irish hip hop pioneer Collie Collins returns with a brand new 7 track EP titled "The RedEye Collection". The EP benefits greatly from the production of noted producer RedEye.
The EP kicks off with "Shut The Door" which features Collie's imitable style mixed brilliantly with a great beat from RedEye.
"Time Tonight" is vintage Collie and shows that even with 2 years out of the game, he hasn't lost any of his creativity. This track even features the wonderful hashtag: #askmebleedinleftone. Hopefully that one finds itself trending.
"Take Me Back" offers a politicised approach from Collins who wished to be taken back to a time when he was unaware and his favourite phrase was "It's not fair".
"Head Wreck" is an absolute funk banger of a song. The bass guitar is so incredible, it's enough to make Stevie Wonder's eyes work.
"Left for …

Aaron J. Burke - Count On It Single Review

Following on from last year's "The Empty Kingdom", singer songwriter Aaron J. Burke is back with his latest effort "Count On It". From the first note you can tell that this track is going to be infectious and could quite easily soundtrack your walk down the road on a nice sunny day while everything feels fine. It's upbeat, it's catchy and damn if it doesn't get stuck in your head for ages. The rocky element mixes well with the peppiness of the song and its all glued together with a total rock n' roll "ugggghhhh" in the middle.
Have yourself a listen by clicking the link below and then check out Aaron's other releases. You won't be disappointed.

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