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Gin Palace - Gin Palace EP Review

Gin Palace are a relatively new band on the Northern Ireland scene having only formed last Summer. The band consists of Joel McCracken, Daniel Donaghy, Darren Mercer and Josh Lown. They are based in Belfast and play an intricate form of indie, jazz, funk, 60's pop and psychedelic music with a modern twist. Their debut single "Marianna" was released in August 2018 and quickly followed up by "Tripped The Light Fantastic" in November. Just this month they have released their eagerly anticipated debut self titled EP.

The Gin Palace EP begins with "Sophia Loren" which is a beautifully chilled out, laid back funky tune. It's cruising around, roof down, sunglasses on type music. It's got a nice level of soulful jazz in the mix too.
"Passing By" continues on down the funk road with vocals that are literally sublime.
The closing track "Mondegreen" is more jazz orientated and a bit mellower. It's a beautiful way to end the EP af…

Blackout Season - Do You? Single Review

Blackout Season are a 3 piece band from Portadown, Co. Armagh. Having released their absolutely brilliant second EP "The Basement EP" at the end of 2017, they followed up with a new single "Black Lipstick Girl" in  June 2018. Then lead singer Alex Close headed off to America which resulted in the band taking a hiatus. But now just over a year later, the trio have released their brand new single "Do You?".

"Do You?" instantaneously hits with the audacious sound that Blackout Season are known for. If this song featured on Road Rash on PS1, it certainly wouldn't be out of place and I'd happily listen while smashing people over the head with a police baton or chain. "Do you hate me?" NO! "Do you love me?" YES! "Do you want me?" Dunno, maybe after a couple of drinks!
Some bands take a break and come back missing the spark that made them so good in the first place. That's not the case with Blackout Season, it…

Podracer - Maskenfreiheit Album Review

Podracer are a 3 piece post punk group from Dundalk, Co. Louth. The band consists of Alan Anderson on guitar and lead vocal, Damien Carroll on bass and backing vocals and Keith Mulholland on drums and backing vocals. They have toured up and down the country playing prestigious venues such as Spirit Store, Fibber Magee's, Fred Zeppelins, Limelight and Róisín Dubh. They've also support the likes fo Kerbdog, Fighting With Wire and Lo Lite to name just a few. After waiting 7 years since their debut album "Parking Cars And Pumping Gas", Podracer have just released their latest album "Maskenfreiheit" which was recorded at Shop Studio in Carlingford.

"Your Twist" begins with a lady speaking German right before Podracer kick into their signature sound. It's aggressive and ballsy yet refined with a nice lull in the middle before launching back in. Great album opener. "TMWMNI" could be a song about dementia, it could be a song about multiple …

Klara McDonnell - Wasted Single Review

Klara McDonnell is a singer, songwriter and actress from Dublin. Klara was the lead singer for alt-rock band Hypno Puppet for five years before going solo. Her music has been described as jazz, pop, soul, folk, funk, acoustic and country and has led to her being compared to artists such as Lana Del Rey. Klara released her debut solo EP "Trapped Within" in early 2018 followed closely by the single "Sinking Unknowing" which garnered her high praise and radio airplay in places such as Germany, Netherlands, South Africa, USA, Uk and obviously Ireland. Now Klara McDonnell returns with her brand new single "Wasted" which is due to be released on July 26th.

"Wasted" is a pop rock song with a healthy dose of country undertones. It's engaging and ironically quite addictive.  Klara delivers her lyrics in a sensuous voice not unlike that of Kylie Minogue which adds a distinguished depth to the single. Klara says of the song "Although "Wasted…

Finnian - Where We Go Single Review

In March, Finnian released his debut single "Even Flow" which was brilliant to say the least. Now he is back with his second single from his forthcoming debut album "Under The Influence". The new single "Where We Go" is another chilled out mellow folk song that Finnian is becoming accustomed to. Finnian's vocals are sublime with a nice touch of gravel in there. It's also got a nice funky Claptonesque guitar track. I could listen to this one again and again and I actually think I will do that right now. "Where We Go" is out for release tomorrow July 3rd and there's a really cool video to go along with it.

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