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Pilgrim St - The EP EP Review

Navan based 7 piece Pilgrim St are back with their new EP ingeniously titled "The EP". The EP was recorded in Experimental Audio in Crumlin, Dublin. It was produced by Oisin Leech of Lost Brothers fame. The 4 track EP includes the recently released single "My Little Blackbird" and the new single "Givin It Up This Time".
The EP kicks off with the excellent "My Little Blackbird". When I reviewed this as a single, I said it was tremendous. Nothing has changed. It's still bloody tremendous. The onslaught of strings creates a thing of sheer beauty. "Givin It Up This Time" is less energetic than "My Little Blackbird" and has a more funereal vibe that creates an eerie atmosphere. It's truly breathtaking. "Emerald" is an incredible tale of battles lost and won. The track has everything from overlords to bloodcurdling battle cry's. The story will suck you in immediately. The song could easily have been on the so…

John Spillane - Oriel Centre Dundalk Gaol 22nd September 2018

Saturday night saw Cork folk musician John Spillane take to the stage of the magnificent Dundalk Gaol. As the name might suggest, the venue was a former jail from 1854 to 1931. The gig took place in what used to be the Men's wing. Nestled in between a row of cells, John emerged and instantly captivated the audience.
He began with Princes Street and then into the fiercely depressing (his words, not mine) "You're The Only One For Me". Everytime John speaks to the audience they are attentive and engaged. He exudes a natural charisma and is genuinely a brilliant storyteller. He then treated the Dundalk crowd with an Irish language song "Rinn Na Mara" which was enchanting to say the least. After each song, John assures the audience that he is doing a great job which nobody disagrees with.
Given the venue, "I Want To Set You Free" is particularly relevant. John tells the audience about his former work as a music teacher in prisons which was the inspira…