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Shannon Weatherup - 5am Single Review

"5am" is the latest single from the teenage Belfast singer songwriter Shannon Weatherup. This is her second single following on from March's brilliant debut "Eden". The track is a triumphant pop rock song which shows Shannon in a jovial and playful mood whilst also dealing with the theme of negativity and criticism from unnecessarily rude people which then creeps into your mind and makes you feel low.

This young woman has undeniable talent and seems to be growing from strength to strength. Keep on eye on this lady.

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Niall McGuigan - Spiritual Anarchy Album Review

Niall McGuigan is a singer songwriter and music therapist from Castleblayney, Co. Monaghan. He is a very interesting character given his studies of music and healing within shamanic and neo-shamanic traditions. Niall has played in many bands across numerous genres including metal, reggae, folk, grunge, trad and funk. On his debut album he even threw in some Mongolian throat singing. He has played top festivals such as Glastonbury, Electric Picnic, Earth Garden and The Bubble Festival. Niall released his debut album "Awareness" in 2017 and then followed that up with a live album called "Live At St. Anne's Church, Dublin". He now returns with his new album "Spiritual Anarchy" which was recorded Drumill Lane Recording Studio in South Armagh.
"Simple Message" opens the album in fantastic style. It's a beautiful folk rock song with wonderful mandolin sounds. Niall's grunge background shines through as this track is very Eddie Vedder/Alic…

Romeo Indigo Romeo - The Romeo EP Review

Back in February Romeo Indigo Romeo, a metal band from Co. Down released the brilliant single "Spooky Scary, Spooky Scary". Now they are back with a brand new EP called "The Romeo EP". 
The first track "i" begins with a beautiful intro that then explodes into pure metal. The vocals of Aaron Reeve are truly captivating throughout and just when you think you have the song pegged, it descends into all out balls to the wall guitar funk. An incredible opener. Unfortunately "The Message" is not a cover of Grandmaster Flash and The Furious Five, however it is definitely grandiose with some masterful drumming, flashy guitars, furious vocals and it lasts just over five minutes. See what I did there? "Spooky Scary, Spooky Scary" was the single that Romeo Indigo Romeo released back in February. I loved it then and I love it now. It's laid back funk infused metal music at it's best.  "Wolf" attacks straight away going right for …

Red House - Spaceman Single Review

Red House are an indie band from Belfast. The band consists of Caolan Donaghy, Adam McCallan, Darragh Tibbs and Odhran Cassidy. Red House have been making noise on the Belfast scene for a while now picking up some prestigious Battle of The Bands awards along the way. On August 16th, they released their new single "Spaceman" which is the third single they've put out this year.
"Spaceman" Official Video:

"Spaceman" has got all the classic hallmarks of a good power indie rock love song with it's pounding drums, sublime guitar solo's and a catchy loud chorus that could have fans singing in unison to. A stellar effort and if you're not hearing this song on radio stations up and down the country then it's because those radio station producers are idiots.

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Sonja Sleator - Protection Single Review

The singles are coming thick and fast from Sonja Sleator. It was just April when she released the "Violent Strawberry" EP and followed that up in June with the terrific single "Runaway" and now she is back with another new single, "Protection". Having gone in a new direction after the "Violent Strawberry" EP, "Protection" sees Sonja return to the brooding sound of old. Whether it's moody Sonja or upbeat Sonja, the sound is always enthralling. This lady has bags of talent.
Check out the video for "Protection":

Sonja Sleator will be playing Music In Mind Festival in Whitehead on 31st August and then at the Belfast Culture Night on 20th September.

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