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Shannon Weatherup - Eden Single Review

Shannon Weatherup is an 18 year old singer songwriter from Belfast.  In her short career, Shannon has already received critical acclaim from performing at the likes of the Belfast Nashville Songwriters Festival, Sunflower and Eastside Arts Festivals, supporting Jarrod Dickinson in Belfast and through competitions such as Goats Toe Solo Artist Of The Year, Harmony Buskers, Forestside Young Songwriter and Panarts Young Songwriter Of The Year. 
Shannon Weatherup's debut single "Eden" was released in March through the Forestside Artist Development Programme. The song really showcases the talent that this young lady has and shows why there is such a buzz around her. "Eden" is a very accomplished and gentle song of searching for more but also being content. There is no doubt that Shannon Weatherup is a name you will be hearing a lot about in the near future.

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Video Blue - Guts Single Review

Dundalk native Jim O'Donoghue-Martin, better known as Video Blue has been making music over in London for the last couple of years. In those years he has released several singles and EP's on vinyl and even cassette (remember those?). In 2017 he released his brilliant debut album "Love Scenes". Now Video Blue returns with his new single "Guts" which is due for release this Friday April 26th.
"Guts" begins with the ambient noise from a coffee shop in Marrakech and a repetitive beat which slowly builds tension until the dream like guitar and vocals kick in. From beginning to end, "Guts" is simply just beautiful Video Blue says of the track "'Guts' is about commitment & throwing it all on the table. The part where the head & the heart collide, and all you're left with is your guts; however wrong or right." The single was recorded between Video Blue's flat in Hackney and SARM Studios in Notting Hill.

To foll…

Lady Landscape - Kitsilano Single Review

Lady Landscape are a five piece band formed in late 2018 in Co. Meath. The band was founded by Ryan McDonnell and Alex Harrison. They released their first EP which was simply titled "1" and then took a short hiatus. Now they have added Jamie Reynolds, Tiernan Buckley and Adam Ollin to the group for a series of live shows and have their second EP set for release this Summer. The second EP is also simply titled "2". On Friday April 20th, Lady landscape released their single "Kitsilano".

"Kitsilano" is a really chilled out new wave indie track. The baritone vocals mixed with the upbeat synth make for a very relaxed yet funky sound. It has a bit of an Interpol meets Adam Green vibe and will stay in your head long after the song ends.

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Sonja Sleator - Violent Strawberry EP Review

Belfast singer songwriter Sonja Sleator is back with her 3rd EP, the brilliantly titled "Violent Strawberry". Her previous 2 EP's both gained critical acclaim including from me who absolutely loved the now discontinued "Adams" EP (Thanks Ryan you big jerk).

"Ghost" is the opening song from the EP and features some incredibly tasty guitars fused perfectly with Sonja's melancholic pop vocals.
"You Never Said" is much more stripped back and mournful. There's an endearing vulnerability in the lyrics and vocal delivery on the track.
The incredibly sombre "You Claim To" finds Sonja in a reflective and introspective mood which again shows a maturity beyond her years.
The EP comes to an end with the incredibly beautiful "Goodbye". Again Sonja shows a vulnerable side to her which make the song alluringly delicate.

"Violent Strawberry" is another fantastic EP from Sonja Sleator. From the very beginning to the ver…

Paul McCann - Widow Maker Blues (Feat. Majella O'Reilly) Single Review

Following on from last September's highly acclaimed album "Here Comes The Rapture", Paul McCann returns with his brand new single "Widow Maker Blues". The track features Majella O'Reilly on vocals on what Paul describes as a murder ballad. The song was originally released back in 2016 but now has been remixed by Martin Quinn for a new 2019 release.

"Widow Maker Blues' is a song about a woman who has a one night stand and the consequences that come from that. It's a brilliantly written tale and Majella's voice really suits the song. The crackly old vinyl sound really adds to the mood of the track. Another brilliant song from Paul McCann. "Widow Maker Blues" will be released this Friday 19th April and available from Spotify and iTunes.

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Sam Wickens - Ravens & Crows Single Review

Back in February, Sam Wickens released his debut single "Falling" from his upcoming first album which will be available from June 13th. Now he returns with his second single "Ravens & Crows" which is due for release on April 26th. Speaking about the song, Sam had this to say: "Once upon a time a bird flew into my window, was it a raven? was it a crow?. It's a terminal illness, it's the fall of man and the rise of their family at their side. They protect me, if my life becomes a tomb, they become the champions of that tomb". What I would say about the song is that Sam channels both Damien Rice and Fionn Regan on this track. Another glimpse into the undeniable talent that Sam Wickens has in abundance. "Ravens & Crows" is a thought provoking and auspicious single which brings lots of excitement for the album.

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