Sonja Sleator - Violent Strawberry EP Review

Belfast singer songwriter Sonja Sleator is back with her 3rd EP, the brilliantly titled "Violent Strawberry". Her previous 2 EP's both gained critical acclaim including from me who absolutely loved the now discontinued "Adams" EP (Thanks Ryan you big jerk).

"Ghost" is the opening song from the EP and features some incredibly tasty guitars fused perfectly with Sonja's melancholic pop vocals.
"You Never Said" is much more stripped back and mournful. There's an endearing vulnerability in the lyrics and vocal delivery on the track.
The incredibly sombre "You Claim To" finds Sonja in a reflective and introspective mood which again shows a maturity beyond her years.
The EP comes to an end with the incredibly beautiful "Goodbye". Again Sonja shows a vulnerable side to her which make the song alluringly delicate.

"Violent Strawberry" is another fantastic EP from Sonja Sleator. From the very beginning to the very end, Sonja entices you in with her soothing and captivating vocals. Each song tells it's own story. Each one sucks you in and demands you listen intently. This EP isn't background music. Once you put it on, it's all you will be able to focus on.

"Goodbye" is the first single from the EP. Have a look at the video below:

Sonja Sleator has some upcoming gigs:
20th April - Pavilion, Belfast
3rd May - Sandino's, Derry
18th May - Limerick
19th May - Cork
20th May - Waterford
23rd May - Whelan's, Dublin
24th May - Sunflower, Belfast
1st June - Fealty's, Bangor

For more on Sonja Sleator:
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