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Aeons - Welcome To The Land Single Review

Aeons are a Bangor based "super group" who formed in 2018. The band consists of Erin Cooke, Aidan Walker, Luke Kerr, Jamie Floyd and Jack Thompson. All five members have had stints in other bands and as solo artists so when they all came together, something special was bound to happen. That something special has happened and it's happened in the form of their debut single "Welcome To The Land".

"Welcome To The Land" is the personification of a chilled out groove. It's got soul, it's got funk and it's got a lot of style. I could listen to this track all day long. The sun is shining and so are these guys. What a debut single!
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1000 Beasts - Fall So Easy (Feat. Elkin) Single Review

1000 Beasts is the collaborative effort created by Cork native Cian Sweeney. Cian is a multi instrumentalist and producer. With 1000 Beasts, he produces a track and then features a different vocalist each time. He calls these vocalists "Beasts". On the new single "Fall So Easy" which was released on September 6th, his "beasts" are Carla Ryan and Ellen O'Mahoney from Elkin. Elkin are a 5 piece band from Meath and Kildare who have been wowing audiences with their vocal harmonies and girly pop songs. It was their vocal harmonies that grabbed the attention of Cian Sweeney after he saw them perform at Cypress Avenue and was blown away.
"Fall So Easy" is a beautiful piano ballad with a darker undercurrent. This allows the vocals of Elkin to really shine through. They harmonise so incredibly that it's almost impossible to tell which one of them is singing as they combine so amazingly.
Check out the acoustic and unplugged version:

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Yana - Distant Shore Single Review

Yana is a singer songwriter from Czech Republic but with strong ties to Ireland. Having been influenced by the likes of Mic Christopher and Glen Hansard, Yana started playing guitar in her late teens and has always been fascinated with meaningful lyrics.  It's no surprise then that her debut single "Distant Shore" has plenty of meaning. It was inspired by the abortion referendum of 2018 as Yana tried to "put herself in the shoes of someone who's forced to make a life changing decision far away from their loved ones, in a a foreign country". The single was recorded at AP Studios in Dublin and features The Hothouse Flowers' Liam Ó Maonlaí on piano and vocals. "Distant Shore" is atmospheric but also beautifully upbeat. This is not your conventional song, there's touches of Sinead O'Connor and Kimya Dawson in there and Liam's backing vocals add another quirky dimension. Despite it's subject matter, it somehow manages to remain whi…

Wild Wonder - Sunday Spell EP Review

Dublin/Meath based trio Wild Wonder are set to release their debut EP "Sunday Spell" this Saturday, September 14th. The EP was recorded at Camden Recording Studios and produced by Cian Boylan and Conor Brady. There will also be a release party for the EP happening on Saturday night at The Sound House in Dublin.

The EP starts with the title track "Sunday Spell" is a song that many will relate to. Having a great night on Saturday and then spending all day Sunday feeling shit and fearing what happened the night before. If you do have a hangover though, Mags' soothing voice might just be the cure.
"Midnight Masquerader" is an upbeat feel good track despite being about getting drunk and being into a fight almost like the three drunken musketeers.
"New Energy" which was released as a single back in April and reached number 3 in the iTunes charts. The song itself is very catchy and quite frankly a brilliant pop song.
The EP closes with an acoustic…

Owen Denvir - Ghost Single Review

Owen Denvir is a singer songwriter from Belfast who has already amassed over 100,000 Spotify streams, over 2 million video views and has been praised by global megastars Coldplay. Having been trained as an orchestral viola player, Owen soon discovered the appeal of artists such as Bon Iver and made the musical switch to more contemporary music. Owen has decided to embark on his biggest project to date which is to release 3 EP's this year with the titles "Sticks", "Stones" and "Bones". Each EP will have it's own theme and eventually form together to create Denvir's first full length album. The first EP is "Sticks" and the first single from that will be "Ghost".
"Ghost" is about Owen's experience with being ghosted by a woman he met on Tinder which led to him having to overcome anxieties. There are also rumours of actual ghost encounters amongst Owen's family but until it's confirmed by Derek Acorah, I …