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Cloakroom Q. - Going For A Walk And I'm Not Coming Back EP Review

Cloakroom Q. are an art rock/neo psychedelic 5 piece from Northern Ireland. They are based in Belfast but are from Newry and surrounding areas originally. Having only formed in 2016, they ended up representing Newry at the Irish Youth Music Awards in Croke Park in 2017. After this they released 2 digital singles and spent a lot of time gigging and growing their fanbase.
The opening song on the EP "South Of Sane" immediately let's you know that this band aren't your typical run of the mill rock group. The almost spoken word vocals and the excitement of the musical beauty that looms over it. There is definitely a Conor Oberst or "Endless Art" by A House style to the track. "d0nkroom" is the total opposite as it starts out with a banging beat and is 39 seconds of pure fun. "People With Energy" has a killer bass intertwined with cracking drums and punk vocals. A quality rock song with so much going on throughout. The musical layers and dept…

Costello - Ghost Files EP Review

Costello has long been known as one of the most exciting MC's in Dublin if not the whole of Ireland. After years of working with the likes of G.I., Lethal Dialect and Jambo, Costello stood out for his 2012 album Illosophical. Since then he has appeared here and there but at the end of last month he dropped a brand new 5 track EP online for free called Ghost Files. For this EP he has teamed up with noted producer Gerryboy.
The opening track "Rise Up" is an incredible piece about the current hip hop scene in Ireland from Costello's point of view. This comeback is the musical equivalent of Stone Cold Steve Austin returning and hitting stunners all over the place. "Play With Fire" is a brilliant representation of the social and health problems of life in Dublin right now. Costello hits on several points including drugs, violence and government corruption. This is easily one of the best hip hop songs from Ireland for many years. Costello's lyrical flow on &…

Zola Daze - K Single Review

Zola Daze released his debut single "Sun Bleached" in July. That single was as close to perfection as it gets. Now he's back with single number two called "K" which will be released on October 26th. Zola Daze or Andrew Martin as he is sometimes known is a multi instrumentalist from Cork. He has played in many different bands across many genres which gives him a unique eclectic style.

"K" is a psychodelic indie pop song full of brooding vocals and an ethereal sound. The track floats along beautifully as if Zola Daze is a paper boat and "K" is a gentle ripple on an apathetic stream.
Another cracking tune from Zola daze which really adds to the excitement of the upcoming EP.

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Ethan Hanna - Welcome To The Batlands Album Review

Hailing from Lisburn, Northern Ireland, the Americana influenced Ethan Hanna has today released his debut album "Welcome To The Batlands". Work began on this album many years ago and now it has finally come to fruition. Ethan recorded the album in Millbank Studios in Lisburn. Ethan Hanna has been a mainstay on the gigging scene in Northern Ireland which has amassed a large following who will undoubtedly be delighted that the album is finally here.
The album opener "Bikes & Cars" begins with an incredible intro which threatens to grow and grow but it remains constant and works brilliantly with Ethan's vocals. "Perfect" is the first single to be released from the album and is actually Ethan's debut single. It was released to rave reviews in July, one of which was on this very blog: Perfect - Single Review The trademark gravelly voice that I likened to Tom Waits is on full show on "Late August Wonder". The track is both beautiful and c…

TabloidTv - Always Hold On Single Review

The word prolific has an Oxford English Dictionary definition which states "producing much fruit, foliage or many offspring". TabloidTv could be given that exact same definition. They might not be producing fruit, foliage or offspring but they are indeed producing hit after hit after hit. "Always Hold On" is their latest release The track is engaging, enthralling, infectious and downright good fun. It's definitely a song that would put even the most miserable of people in a great mood.  It's got a heavy mix of Vampire Weekend and Kimya Dawson too, which is a pretty cool sound in fairness. TabloidTv are constantly putting out new tracks and every time, they just get better and better. These guys have a special talent and it's going to be great to see them mature asa band and get even better.
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