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Paul McCann - Here Comes The Rapture Album Review

Paul McCann is a singer songwriter and multi instrumentalist hailing from Co. Cavan. Since 1996, Paul has been playing in various bands including Aine Cahill's band and a Johnny Cash tribute act called Get Rhythm. He has also played live gigs with the likes of The Strypes, Pugwash and Nelson Bragg.
Paul released his debut EP "The Magician" in 2015 and received some very high praise and recognition. He followed that up with another EP "Beginning To End". He lists Jack White, Johnny Cash and The Divine Comedy as his main influences.

The opening track on the album "Keep The Devil Within" is a great way to kick things off and set you up for what to expect from the rest of the album. It's power pop at it's finest and it definitely has that sing-a-long feel good factor. "It's Only A Fantasy"  follows in the same vain but certainly has an 80's vibe to it. Think George Harrison meets Tom Petty and you're in the right ballpark. T…

John Andrews - Johnny Was EP Review

John Andrews is a 30 year old singer songwriter hailing from East Belfast. He released his debut EP in 2014 but has now returned with his second offering "Johnny Was". John has garnered a respectable following in Belfast through extensive gigging and playing at festivals such as the Eastside Arts Festival, Sunflower Fest and Fiele Fest. His music has been described as gritty, raw and honest. His influences vary from Frank Sinatra to Eminem and The Doors to Kendrick Lamar.

The opening track from the EP is "Pray". It begins with the musings of a preacher followed closely by an incredible blues beat. From the first word, it's obvious that John has a captivating voice that commands respect. The tempo and grittiness of "Pray" is truly impressive. "Don't Let Me Fade Away" takes the listener down to another level which is more laid back and incredibly intriguing. There is a definite Radiohead vibe to it. Another cracking song. Next up is the c…