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Tupelo - The Heart's Bloodline Album Review

Dublin duo Tupelo return with their brand new album "The Heart's Bloodline". The album which was released earlier this month is the band's first album in for four years following 2014's critically acclaimed "Push On". The Irish alt. folk band have toured extensively taking in places such as Denmark, Russia, France, USA and Norway. They were also named "Best Folk Act" by Hot Press in 2013. James Cramer and Kevin Duffy are back with their plethora of instruments on the new 10 track album recorded in Dublin and mastered in Nashville.

"Break Loose" opens the album with a punchy drum beat and lyrics delivered with a lot of emotion and gusto. A short but commanding song.
"Cotton To Silk" is totally antipodal to it's predecessor as it's a much more folk pop orientated ballad with a compelling narrative and an awesome string assault at the end.
"Queen Of The Vale" is a beautiful song in which James Cramer's v…

Eleanor McEvoy New Single Release

Eleanor McEvoy returns from her recent Australian tour with a brand new single release. The track "The Harp That Once Through Tara's Halls" was written in the 19th century by singer, songwriter and poet Thomas Moore. Eleanor brings the song back to life with the help of Ruadhri Cushnan. The song is taken from Eleanor's album "The Thomas Moore Project" which received critical acclaim, most notably from RTE Radio 1 who named it the "Album Of The Week".

Eleanor McEvoy has just 2 Irish dates on her current tour. They are:
Saturday 24th March - Hill Of The O'Neill & Ranfurly House, Co. Tyrone (Tickets)
Friday 27th May - Coughlan's Live, Co. Cork (Tickets)

If you find your self further afield then you may just catch her in Amsterdam on March 17th or Madrid on April 6th.

The Thomas Moore Project is available on Spotify Right Here.

The Nilz - Kiss Me, My Executioner EP Review

The Nilz are a 4 piece grunge punk outfit from Dublin. The band is made up of Eddie Nil, Chris Nil, Sailor Boi and Gimp Boi. Following on from their debut EP "The Nilz Made Me Do It" released in 2016, they return with another EP "Kiss Me, My Executioner". The former featuring serial killer Richard Ramirez on the cover and the latter featuring serial killer Aileen Wuornos on the cover. Notice a trend?

The 6 track EP clocks in at 13 minutes meaning it is very short, very fast and very punk.
"Hands Up, Who's High?" is a rip roaring track about drugs, wonderful delicious drugs. Ketamine, Speed, LSD, Blow, Ecstasy, Booze, DMT. All the lads get a mention.
"Leaking" has a System Of A Down quality to it, especially when you read the lyrics to the song.
"Ready To Kill" is a brilliant all out assault on the Catholic Church. Some of the lyrics are particularly scathing: "You're still raping kids with crosses, Want to sodomise you, teach …