Pyro Villas- Nova Scotia Pipelines Single Review

Pyro Villas are a four piece indie electronic pop group from Dublin. The group consists of Andy Gleeson and Killian Dowling who have been writing and producing together for seven years and also Cian Guinee and Aidan O'Leary. The band's aim is to create music that moves the listener physically and emotionally. Having already drawn comparisons to Tame Impala and MGMT, the band released their debut single Nova Scotia Pipelines recently. 

Watch the video here:

Nova Scotia Pipelines is dancey as fuck. The beat is brilliant whilst the vocals show why they are compared to MGMT. It's incredibly catchy and holds your attention throughout. I saw a review that said the singer sounded like Dermot Kennedy. Thankfully that's just not true and the singer has a much more interesting style.

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