KoosKoos - Connie Single Review

Topher Joe and Jordi Sunshine are the duo behind Belfast band KoosKoos. The band formed in 2018 on a mission to provide Belfast with soulful tunes. They have been regular performers at The Dirty Onion amongst other venues. Topher Joe studied music at Ulster University and went on to join many choirs and even played at Carnegie Hall (insert Father Ted joke here). During his final year of university he started a barbershop quartet. The band want to celebrate pop music from the past whilst having some fun with it. Earlier this week they released their new single Connie.

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Connie is an ode to a dearly departed dog and offers both happiness and sorrow in equal measures. The song itself is uplifting in nature with some infectious music and a chorus that you can't help but hum along to. However there are also moments of pure heartache as it's clear how much this dog meant to him. A beautiful tribute to a beautiful dog. 

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