Benjamyn - Sea Of Uncertainty Single Review

Benjamyn is an electronic music producer based in Dublin. He categorises his music as being surf house which is a term he coined himself. He started out making acoustic folk to indie rock music before settling into his current style. His previous singles have been played on national radio stations and received praise from many top publications. His new single Sea Of Uncertainty was released on July 24th. About the song, Benjamyn says "I want listeners not only to feel understood in this complex emotional state - but also to feel inspired to let go and live free from that fear."

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Sea Of Uncertainty is utterly brilliant from start to finish. The chilled out indie dance vibes make you feel like you are gently floating on the sea but one thing that is for certain is that this song is one of the best I've heard this year. It's refreshing and deeply cool. I'm now a firm believer in surf house music. Outstanding.

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  1. Brilliant review Ben - Keep chasing that dream. 😊


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