Ethan Hanna - Perfect Single Review

Ethan Hanna is a singer songwriter from Lisburn, Northern Ireland who will release his debut single "Perfect" this Friday, July 20th. The single is taken from the forthcoming album "Welcome To The Batlands" which Hanna has been working on for several years and has recorded it in Millbank Studios in Lisburn. The album will be released later this year through the Tin Man Heart record label.
Ethan Hanna has been a regular performer around Belfast and is finally able to satiate the thirst for recorded music from the many followers he has garnered.
Ethan's songs are heavily basted in Americana but deeply rooted in Northern Ireland. He sings about love, loss, family and his childhood in Northern Ireland.

The single "Perfect" is moody, gravelly and very Springsteenesque. The guitar really drives the track home and is the (pardon the pun) perfect accompaniment to Ethan's fantastic voice. His voice has a sound that I would imagine is how Tom Waits sounded before he discovered smoking.

Here is a teaser of the track due for release this Friday:

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