Victim Royal - Do It Again, But Better EP Review

Victim Royal are a 5 piece metal band hailing from Belfast. They are comprised of Adam Scullion, Guy Reed, Rory Longwell, Peter Bowden and Andy Bowden. They have been mastering their craft for a number of years on the live scene and are currently semi finalists in the Bulleit Battle Of The Bands. Having released their debut self titled EP back in 2016, they now return with a new EP "Do It Again, But Better".

The EP opens with "Umpire" which begins gently before absolutely walloping your face with a Slayeresque quality of duelling guitars, impressive vocals and some incredible drumming.
"Merchant Banker" again has brilliant drums accompanying a killer underlying guitar riff. The vocals are raw and clearly full of emotion and energy. The middle section is straight out of the System Of A Down playbook. 
The head banging, fist punching "Swamp Monster" is a thing of beauty. 2 Minutes and 52 seconds of awesomeness. Stick it on repeat and do the Monster Mosh (it was a graveyard smosh???).
"Shredded" is a lot punkier than the rest of the metal heavy EP which is great to see a band who can dip their toe in both proverbial pools of blood.
The 5 track EP comes to a close with "Veniversum" which is another top quality track from undoubtedly one of the most exciting metal bands coming out of Belfast in recent times.

Victim Royal are one of those bands that as soon as you hear the first note, they command your attention, so you give it and rightly so. They are energetic, loud, raw, exciting and obviously have the musical talent to go with it to complete the package. If this is them doing it again, but better, who knows what the next EP will have in store.

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