Something Happens - Oriel Centre, Dundalk Gaol 26th October 2019

Seminal 80's-90's rock pop band Something Happens made their way to Dundalk Gaol for a gig on Saturday night. Frontman Tom Dunne's first words were "this is not a regular show, it's the story of Something happens". From then they brought the Dundalk audience on a journey spanning their whole career with many stories and anecdotes along the way.

They began with their first ever song "Burn Clear" followed by Billy Bragg's "A New England".
"Give It Away" then onto "Forget Georgia" which Larry Gogan championed. The show element of the gig kicks in as founding member and drummer Eamonn Ryan left the band which was recreated by walking up the stairs only to be beckoned back by a pleading Tom Dunne and the audience.

A cover of Abba's "Take A Chance" led into Madonna's "Borderline" followed by "Beach" and a story of how they sold out by playing the Trinity Ball and were signed by Virgin Records. The "Virgin A&R" man arrived on stage with champagne. Somehow he managed to pop the cork, hit two walls and hit himself in the back of the head. No mean feat. Next up is "Take This With You" followed by a paisley shirt reveal which delighted their fans.

A 30 second beer "intermission" and the boys are ready to go again with "Tall Girls Club". Stories of Tommy Ramone and the hilarious story of two band members being left behind in Davis, California fill the gap between "Incoming" and "What Now". Then a banjo version of "Hello Hello Hello Hello Hello (Petrol)" and "Room 29" with the corresponding story of the dreaded hotel room in Leeds that inspired the song. The hits continued to flow with "Brand New God", "Devil In Miss Jones", "The Patience Business", "Esmerelda" and the actual version of "Hello Hello Hello Hello Hello (Petrol)" with some added Nirvana in the mix. The Gaol erupted at the first chord of "Parachute"

The show was rounded out by "Rhinestone Cowboy" which apparently is cool again since Bruce Springsteen did it and "Kill The Roses". A total of 27 songs over two hours kept the audience captivated and many of them reliving their youth through the masterful storytelling of Tom Dunne and the music that the legendary band created.


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